Improving climate risk Transparency to Support decision making

Our Mission

Helping organizations to be climate ready. We deliver innovative solutions that enable the energy sector to anticipate, prepare for and adapt to future climate impacts.

Our team has worked in top climate and energy modeling research labs and universities including Department of Energy's (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Lab, University of Texas, University of Maryland Center for Integrative Environmental Research, and Rice University. We now lead state of the art climate, energy and decision science research efforts across tier-one research universities and highly regarded research institutions.

Gavin Dillingham, PhD


Expertise: Product Strategy and Business Development

Carlos Gamarra, P.E., PhD

Director of Power Systems
Expertise: Grid Optimization and Energy System Modeling

Hongyi Li, PhD

Director of Data Sciences
Expertise: Earth System Modeling and Data Mining

Lu Liu, PhD

Chief Scientist - Integrated Assessment
Expertise: Climate Modeling and Integrated Assessment Model Development

Y. Ethan Yang, PhD

Director of Decision Sciences
Expertise: Agent-Based Modeling and Integrated Assessment Model Development