Pythias Analytics

Be Climate Ready

Pythias delivers expert-led, innovative solutions that enable the energy sector to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to future climate impacts. Be Climate Ready

With Pythias You Can:

  • Gain a competitive advantage with more climate-informed planning and strategies

  • Make operational and strategic changes now to ensure assets are competitive under future climate conditions

  • Increase market share by having climate-ready plants, and assets

  • Reduce audit costs and time by having climate risk data available and accessible

We support the Energy Industry By:

  • Assessing the transformation of power generation systems over time and under different climate change scenarios.

  • Supporting in-house modeling of physical climate risks and climate transition risks

  • Assessing the likelihood of impairment and stranded assets under different regulatory and climate scenarios.

  • Developing smart mitigation and adaptation practices and capital allocation decisions.

Services Provided

Climate Risk Assessment

  • Produce downscaled physical climate risk data sets, metrics, and analytics specific to plant-level or company portfolio-level models

  • Identify high-risk assets and assess impairment and financial impacts to plants under climate scenarios

  • Deliver system-wide analytics on change in end-user power demand under multiple climate scenarios.

Scenario Analysis and Planning

  • Support the inclusion and use of climate risk data sets in existing risk management, operations, and project development models to facilitate climate-related scenario planning efforts.

  • Support Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) scenario planning and reporting